August 4, 2021
Raw cashew
Raw Cashew Nut
August 4, 2021

Sesame Seeds


Quality sesame seeds suppliers in Durban, South Africa

Healthy Harvest Conglomerate is one of the leading sesame seeds suppliers in South Africa. Our sesame seeds are making rounds in the market and we are receiving online orders in bulk from different customers. We source raw seeds from the farms and that’s where we are in the lead.

Why Sesame Seeds

Sesame is believed as among the oldest spices known to humans. It is probably the first crop grown for edible oil. Ancient Egyptians had a belief that sesame conation had massive medicinal benefits while Babylonians used sesame in cakes and beverages such as wine and brandy.

What Sets us Apart


We store sesame Seeds in a standard cool and dry environment for clinical preservation. Sesame seeds have a knack for developing infestation issues if stored in humid and hot conditions for extended periods; especially if they had not been sterilized previously.

To lower this risk for our customers, we have a proper system sterilizing sesame seeds at their origin. Also, we offer a low-bacteria guarantee to our clients and remain as one of the top sesame seeds suppliers.


We believe smart people only can make smart decisions. Therefore, we hire only specialized people who know inside out what needs to be done. We believe growing congenial business relationships is the best way to grow customers’ business.

Laser focus

We are responsive to our customers’ inquiries and flexible to tailor orders and create new lines. We do whatever we can to help our customers thrive in their Raw Cashew Nut business.


Only Healthy Harvest Conglomerate has the capabilities and resources to scale your business. We provide one of the precise solutions to tackle customer’s challenges. We are even flexible regarding our order delivery process.

So, if you need to shortlist one among several sesame seeds suppliers, Healthy Harvest Conglomerate is the one for you.

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