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May 19, 2021
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May 19, 2021

Refined Sunflower Oil

Type Edible Oil
Certification Quality Certified
Cultivation Type Natural
Shelf Life 1 Year
Product Type Seed Oil
Feature Low Cholestrol, Rich In Vitamin
Packaging Drum, Pet Bottles, Customer request

Source Sunflower Oil from Top Sunflower Oil Suppliers

Healthy Harvest Conglomerate is one of the leading sunflower oil suppliers operating in Durban, South Africa. We are a renowned supplier of sunflower oil wholesale, both in bottled and bulk. We regularly supply 100% pure and high-quality sunflower oil without adding vegetable oils to the product. We offer sunflower oil at a competitive price in Durban.

Why Choose Us


We proudly say that South African sunflower oil is highly valued across the world. The majority of South African sunflower oil suppliers export it to various countries where pure and natural products are valued.

The quality of our sunflower oil meets every requirement for this product. Certificate of quality is evidence of it and it remains in demand throughout the year.


Our priority is health, top-quality, and tasty sunflower oil. It means we go only for ecologically clean products with zero solvent and other external additives. Therefore, all our sunflower plants are modernized and we only use proven technologies, ensuring to become one of the top sunflower oil suppliers.

Being the best sunflower oil provider in Durban, Finest Orange and we strive to strike balance between quality and reasonable prices for our buyers.

What Sets us Apart

Support Businesses

What truly makes us stand out – even among the best sunflower oil providers – is our mission. We aim to support businesses, not just large scale but those too who are just starting. As our customers want only the best, we leave no stone unturned and never hesitate in supporting small-scale online sunflower oil businesses.

A Reliable Business Partnership

Being true to our customers is our priority. To make our corporate relationship long-term, we ensure we only deliver what we promise. To put it in simple words, we feel satisfied when we work with passion and dedication and see our buyers succeeding.

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